UN chief calls for truce worldwide ahead of Rio Olympic Games

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UNITED NATIONS, July (Xinhua) — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday called for a worldwide cessation of hostilities in observance of the Olympic Truce during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and Paralympics.

“The Games are all about shattering records of human ability,” said Ban. “They motivate individuals and countries around the world to reach beyond the limits of what was previously thought possible.”

“A respite in fighting would manifest the values that the Games seek to promote: respect, friendship, solidarity and equality,” he added.

The Olympic Truce — ceasing all conflicts between countries participating in the games from 7 days before the Olympics start until 7 days after they finish — has been passed on from Ancient Greece to current times to advance international understanding and promote world peace.

The Rio Olympics will be held from Aug. 5 to 21 and the Paralympics from Sept. 7 to 18.

More than 10,000 athletes from a record number of countries will participate in the 2016 summer Olympics. For the first time ever, a team of refugees will participate under the Olympic flag in the Games. Enditem