UK Labour to force Commons vote on banning MPs’ paid consultancy work


Labour is to stage a Commons vote on banning MPs from taking paid consultancies or directorships, Sir Keir Starmer said.

The Labour leader said the party will be tabling a motion for Wednesday’s opposition day debate.

It is understood Labour is seeking to draft the motion in such a way that the result will be binding on the House if it is passed.

Sir Keir said it offered a way to “clean up” politics following the debacle of the case of former Cabinet minister Owen Paterson.

“We are putting that down. It is for every MP to decide how they want to vote on that. That will perhaps be a measure of where people are on how we actually move this forward,” Sir Keir said during an LBC radio phone-in.

“How do we clean this up? We clean this up by drawing a very stark line – no paid consultancies, no directorships.”