UAE announced strict laws against Islamophobic Indians in the country


The reason behind this law is Indian anti Muslim activities and over 200 million Muslims are not secure in Indian. Indian Govt is doing violation against the law of Indian minorities.

Because of these kind of activities against the Muslims, the Arab countries are now in action and going to take strict actions against India. Arab Countries now making new laws and going to implement those laws in their countries against India.

The Arab countries now in action from last two weeks and its going to increase day by day because of Indian violations against the Muslims.

Islamophobia in India is going to its peak and the first people who have raised their voices against these activities, they are the lawyers of the Arab countries. And these arab lawyers have made an organization within the Muslim counties.

The aim of this organization is to highlight these kind of terrorism against the Muslims as India is doing now a days in India and in Kashmir as well.

The Gulf countries has pass a law that if someone will do any kind of act against Islam or against Muslim, it will be punished according to the strict Arab Law.

The Lawyers from Kuwait are going to expose India in front of the world that all world can see the real face of Indian Terrorism against the innocent Muslims. Mr. Abdul Rehman, a Layer from Kuwait , Tweet that: ‘we have already started the work in the creating new organization to defend the rights of Muslims in Kashmir and India and shed light on international forum and in the human rights conferences’.

Source: 7news Dubai on – May 02, 2020