Turkish Presidential spokesperson Kalın, British MI6 chief Moore discuss Nagorno-Karabakh cease-fire


Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalın discussed the Nagorno-Karabakh cease-fire with the chief of Britain’s foreign intelligence service (MI6) Richard Moore late Wednesday.

According to a statement by the presidency, the spokesperson and the MI6 chief discussed Turkey and the United Kingdom’s bilateral relations.

Kalın and Moore also exchanged views on the developments in Libya, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The two evaluated opportunities for cooperation between the nations in the fields of security and foreign relations.

Britain previously welcomed the “agreement by Azerbaijan & Armenia to end the #NagornoKarabakh conflict,” Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

“They have made difficult decisions to prevent further loss of life,” Raab said.

“We encourage all sides to continue working together for a lasting peace settlement in the interests of their citizens.”

The Turkish leadership also welcomed the truce, referring to it as a “great victory” for Azerbaijan.

Relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia have remained tense since 1991 and fresh clashes broke out on Sept. 27.

Armenia repeatedly attacked Azerbaijani civilians and forces for over 40 days, violating three humanitarian cease-fire agreements.

Baku’s liberation of the strategic city of Shusha, as well as other towns and villages, on Sunday signaled that victory was imminent.

Russia began its deployment of 2,000 peacekeepers to Nagorno-Karabakh on Tuesday following the deal.

A Russian force of 1,960 military personnel and 90 armored personnel carriers will deploy to the region as peacekeepers, for a renewable five-year mission.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said its key ally, Turkey, would also be involved in peacekeeping efforts.