Turkish Airlines signals comeback to pre- covid pandemic levels


Turkey’s flag carrier on Saturday announced a 15-month daily flight record in Europe, indicating a strong recovery from the pre-pandemic era.

Despite the significant impact of pandemic-linked concerns on the aviation sector, the Turkish Airlines operated 863 flights on June 4 alone, according to a press release.

It said that the “successful showing” of Turkish Airlines indicates that it would “be at the top of the list of companies that will be leaving this pandemic fast and strong.

Turkish Airlines’ chairman of the board, Ilker Aycı, stated that the company, which added new flights to its network and new-generation aircraft to its fleet during the pandemic, will now fly more than ever before.

Aycı added: “Although our dreams while carrying our flag hit a bit of turbulence due to the pandemic, the results show that Turkish Airlines is making a strong return to the good days of old.”

Established in 1933 with five aircraft, Turkish Airlines now has a fleet of 367 aircraft flying to 323 worldwide destinations — 273 international and 50 domestic.