Turkey-US launch efforts to set up joint ops center


Preparations for an operations center between Washington and Ankara to establish a safe zone in Syria have begun, Turkey’s National Defense Ministry announced Tuesday.

The ministry said in a statement that efforts are ongoing for the Joint Operations Center to enter service in the province of Şanlıurfa, southeastern Turkey, as part of the safe zone in northern Syria planned in coordination with the U.S.

On Monday, a six-member U.S. team arrived in Şanlıurfa province to work for the center’s establishment.

The ministry underlined that efforts were underway toward the center’s establishment and operation “as soon as possible.”

Turkish and U.S. military officials on Aug. 7 agreed to set up a safe zone and develop a peace corridor to facilitate the movement of displaced Syrians, who are longing to return their home. They also agreed to establish a joint operations center.

The agreement also envisaged to set up necessary security measures to address Turkey’s security concerns.