Turkey tries to counter Gulenist schools in Kosovo


Maarif schools are part of a new project by the Turkish government, and two of them already opened in Kosovo to offer a choice to students from other schools.

The Turkish government is calling on Kosovo to close schools linked to the US-based businessman and cleric, Fetullah Gulen that was behind the 2016 attempted coup.

To counter the influence of the Gulen educational institutions, Turkey’s government partly funds Maarif schools in several countries.

The aim is to offer a choice from other schools, as well they say, to raise educational standards. Two schools, operated by the state-run Maarif Foundation, have already opened in Kosovo and another seven are planned.

The facilities are brand new, and lessons are taught mainly in English and Albanian, as well as Turkish. Sixty of these students used to attend the Gulen institution or international schools.

TRT World’s Iolo ap Dafydd reports on the steps taken by Turkey to influence countries such as Kosovo to close the Gulen school system.

Source: TRT World