Top Bahraini Shi’ite cleric rejects Israel normalisation, calls on people to resist

Palestinian men burn the exed out portraits of the Bahraini King, US President and Israeli Premier during a protest in Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza Strip, on September 12, 2020, to condemn the normalisation of ties between Israeli and Bahrain. - The Palestinian cause has long cemented ties between Middle East nations with divergent interests, but amid shifting regional alliances they are increasingly isolated and in need of new friends, analysts say. In the latest blow, Bahrain broke ranks and agreed on Friday to open diplomatic ties with Israel, in a deal announced in Washington by President Donald Trump. (Photo by MAHMUD HAMS / AFP)

Bahrain’s leading Shi’ite cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, now living abroad, said he is against normalisation between Arab countries and Israel, and called on the region’s people to resist.

In a speech published by dissolved Bahraini opposition party al-Wefaq, a group close to Qassim, he said the accords reached by Israel with the UAE and with Bahrain, and with any more countries to come, go against the will of the people.