Tinya’s Birth Day – So close So Far


By William Wallace – :

Tinya is a beautiful free soul girl living in the beautiful mountains of Kazakhstan. She has royal personality with beautiful deep eyes. When he saw her first time, she looked familiar to him and someone he knew for a long time. He kept on thinking where he met her, but it was difficult to remember but then he realized. He said, ‘oh my God’. She was in his all story books he read as a child.

In those days all the beautiful girls on horses and eagles in the children stories use to come from the mountains of Central Asia. In those stories there was always a traveler who accidentally arrives in the village and meet his Princess Tinya on the horse and after brief romance, live happily ever after.

In this story he met with princess Tinya at a very unusual place and was hoping to see her one day. She moved from mountains to the bigger city and told him: ‘I am moving to a new city’. One day he traveled a very long distance arrived in the city and was hoping to see her in person. Like in the movies she walked in a big hall where hundreds of people were sitting but he felt Tinya’s presence and there she was sitting looking at speakers. He could not believe if it was real and thought, ‘she can not be here as she was horse and mountain girl’.

Few minutes later there was second encounter which even more mysterious as he found her sitting right in front of him at lunch table. She was sitting so close to him but so far. She was in her own world of thoughts and he was also thinking it cannot be Tinya.

He came back to his city thousands of miles and asked her, ‘if she was there and Tinya said: ‘yes it was me’. That is so mysterious like ‘so close and so far’.

Today is her birthday and I wish her all the best and great future.

Birthday Revelation

Two people meet, the attraction surfaces, and something begins to happen.
A spark jumps to life, developing into a slow burning flame. 

Before you know it, that slow burning flame smoulders into something more. 

On your special day, I want you to know that you’re my something more.
As we continue to travel this incredible road, I look forward to experiencing more. 
Most of all, I realize I only want to travel this road with you. 
Happy Birthday