Tayap Erdogan Won Turkish Presidential elections by 53.2%


(By Dr Shahid Qureshi – Ankara , Turkey): –

Sitting Turkish President Tayap Erdogan won Presidential elections 2018 by majority of 53.2% announced by the official election commission in Ankara. His AK Party however won 298 seats in the parliament but had an election coalition with the MHP who won 50 seats. It seams although AK Party lost majority but due to the election arrangement with MHP there would a coalition government.  Other parties HDP won 65 and IYI party 44 seats in the parliament. In the new presidential system in Turkey role of the parliament would be more legislative.

We published on 17th June 2018 that Tayap Erdogan will win the presidential elections.

Tayap Erdogan to win the Turkish presidential elections: Polls