Petition: Extradite Pakistani Nawaz Sharif to serve remaining prison term


Following the Panama Papers leak in 2016, published by the Guardian and others, The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Pakistan convicted its former Prime Minster Mr Nawaz Sharif in Dec 2018, on charges of corruption and money laundering. Mr Sharif very cleverly, under the pretence of health, obtained leniency from the Judicial system of Pakistan and fled to the United Kingdom, to seek medical attention. He is now refusing to return to the country to serve the remainder of his sentence, desptie having defrauded the country over three consecutive, Parliamentary terms.

We, like most law abiding British Citizens therefore believe, at the Pakistan Patriotic Front, that no-one is above the law and therefore he should be extradited to Pakistan to serve his sentence and ultimately pay his debt to society. Especially, as he is becoming a burden to us UK Taxpayers, in view of the endless protests that have taken place outside his residence, here in the UK, requiring police, security and other public funded services., which drain our public purse.

Please SIGN THIS PETITION and SHARE WITH OTHERS, to help us to raise 10,000 signatures to ensure that justice is served.

Chaudhary Tariq
Pakistan Patriotic Front
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