Man surrenders after bomb scare near US Capitol


Police determining whether Floyd Ray Rosenberry had explosives in truck parked near Library of Congress.

A man who claimed to have a bomb near the US Capitol has been taken into custody “without incident,” police said Thursday.

Police identified the man as Floyd Ray Rosenberry, 49, of North Carolina.

He was allegedly sitting in his vehicle for several hours after driving onto the sidewalk in front of the Library of Congress and telling a responding officer he had a bomb in his vehicle, according to authorities.

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger told reporters that authorities have not yet been able to verify whether there were explosives in the truck, describing the scene as “active.”

“We still have to search the vehicle, and render the vehicle safe,” he said, noting it is going to take “hours” before the scene can be properly assessed.

Earlier, Facebook deactivated a livestream that appeared to have been from the man inside the truck, and removed his profile from the platform, according to a spokesman. Andy Stone from the social media company said it is “continuing to investigate.”

Video circulating on other social media websites from what appears to be the livesteam before it was severed shows a man in a truck outside of the Library of Congress ranting against US President Joe Biden and demanding the president call him.

He claimed to have ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive chemical, in the bed of his truck and said he was one of five people with explosives.

Manger said “there were some things that were concerning” in the truck, pointing to a propane canister, but he did not make any mention of the explosive material mentioned in the video.

The police chief further said there was “no indication” that Rosenberry was working with anyone else but said that “is part of the ongoing investigation.”