Kazakhstan: Professor. Sarybayev Shora Shamgalievich celebrated 93rd Birthday

Professor Sarybayev Shora Shamgalievich 1

By Dr Shahid Qureshi: –

“I sincerely wish a happy 93 birthday to Professor Dr. Sarybayev Shora Shamgalievich who is a great academic and decorated Kazak. His granddaughter Dinara Assanova told me about his birthday so I sent my best wishes message to the Professor. It was a great honor for me to have acquaintance with the professor. I wish all the best and good heath to the professor.” Dr Shahid Qureshi chief editor.

Here is brief biography:

“Sarybayev Shora Shamgalievich, professor, doctor of philological sciences is now 93. He was born in 1925, March 2 in Tashkent. A prominent Soviet and Kazakh linguist, specialist in Kazakh Lexicology, Lexicography, Dialectology.

He is the founder of Kazakh linguistics bibliography. His contribution to the development of Turcology, Altaistic studies, terminology, translation is enormous. More than sixty years he worked at the Institute of Linguistics under the Kazakh National Academy of Sciences. Author of 300 academic publications. For years he was indulged in teaching at higher educational institutions.

He was the first to get invitation to Harvard University in 1964.

Nominated as the Honored Scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, awarded by “Kurmet” and “Parasat “medals by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Apart from his academic research he is well-known by collecting various objects related to the Turkic history and culture”.

Happy Birthday and Best wishes to the professor.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. At Government College Lahore he wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ and studied Law at a British University. He also speaks at Cambridge University. He is a visiting Professor at Hebe University in China.)