Kazakhstan, Honors the Soldiers of Soviet – Afghanistan War


(By Dr Shahid Qureshi and Viktoriya Miroshnichenko – Almaty, Kazakhstan) : –

Monument of soldiers-internationalists in Almaty: in memory to fallen in Afghan war. The Park of 28 Panfilov guardsmen is one of the most popular places in Almaty. As a general rule, all tourist routes begin here. And this is not by chance. After all, in the park, as under the hood, main events in the history of the city were encapsulated – they are like witnesses that we cannot ignore.

The main stronghold of Christian culture is the Holy Ascension Cathedral, the cemetery of the victims of the earthquake of 1870, the monuments of the era of the Great Patriotic War and many others that, as from the chronicle of black and white films, inform us about past events. But there are more modern exhibits in the park. Passing by the Memorial of Glory, on the south side you will see 3 statues of warriors frozen on a marble basis. This is a monument to the Kazakhstani soldiers-internationalists who participated in the war on the territory of other countries and mainly Afghanistan.

Stone faces of young people look without fear, with adamant calmness and willingness to give their lives for the sake of Debt. But a great sadness is reflected in their glance – no one wants to leave families and home. The names of the fallen are forever carved on the marble base of the monument. 69 Almaty citizens died in the Afghan war. In total, more than 22,000 Kazakhstani soldiers participated in the war in Afghanistan.

The opening of the monument took place in honour of the 14th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. (Note: the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory of Afghanistan occurred on February 15, 1989)

Acknowledgements: Victoriya Miroshnichenko kindly wrote this report on the special request of Dr Shahid Qureshi, Chief Editor who was visiting this site on 25 June 2017, in Almaty with senior British writer and journalist Nick Fielding and senior Canadian journalist Scot Taylor. Special thanks to His Excellency Mr. Erlan Idrissov ambassador of Kazakhstan in London, Mr. Askar Zhiymbayev Press Attache and Mr. Gani Bekenov)

About the author:

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( Victoriya Miroshnichenko is a professional guide-interpreter in Almaty, an enthusiast in the field of new directions in tourism. Jointly she is a marketing specialist in a multinational company. Viktoriya is graduated from the Almaty Institute of Market with a degree in Management, and she has a Bachelor in Tourism at the Second Neapolitan University in Caserta.)

Edited By Dr Shahid Qureshi