Kazakhstan Fashion week an opportunity for designers


Some of the world’s best fashion designers showcased their latest offerings on April 10th-13th at the Abai State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre and Dostyk Plaza in Almaty for the 25th season of Kazakhstan Fashion Week (KFW).

The show included collections by local and foreign designers, including Yerlan Zholdasbek, Judy Ai, Tamara Lamanukaeva, Sergey Shabunin, Arunaz, Di Siitova, By Sipa (Uzbekistan), Sophia (Russia), Giedi Afw (Azerbaijan), Dinara Satzhan, Naiyl Baikuchukov, Zineb Joundy Ofs (Morocco), Bouchra Filali Ofs (Morocco), Hany el Behairy Ofs (Egypt), Zharuma Ayza (Russia), Alex Chzhen and Tara Jarmon (France).

Kazakh designer Sergey Shabunin presented the Autumn-Winter 2018/19 collection, featuring European style of the 1940s intertwined with exquisite oriental themes, inform.kz reports.

“One of the trends of the season – indulgent darkness forming the basis of the autumn-winter collection. The charm of decadence and the brilliance of golden Hollywood set the main tone of the collection. The paradox is that darkness is not absolute and the passions are raging even in a black hole. Denying black, the collection still plays with colour, which fills it with bright, but restrained, colours. Sensuality and femininity are the two most important elements of the collection,” Shabunin said.

The ARUNAZ Atelier brand, founded in 2014, presented a bright and distinctive collection in ethno-style at the KFW.

“We want to demonstrate our vision of female beauty and her nature in the fashion language. I was inspired by folk crafts, namely patchwork. Quilting or patchwork is not a new technique. Even our grandmothers and great-grandmothers made patchwork quilts and cushions from pieces of cloth during long winter evenings. The collection reveals a multifaceted universe of the woman’s inner world, consisting of many contradictions,” ARUNAZ Atelier founder Nazym Karpykova noted.

“Traditional ethno-style, reflected in the images, is taken as the basis of the entire collection: here you can see dresses and images of different styles from laconic and streamlined forms to unconventional and intricate styles. The versatility of the collection is reflected both in the textures of fabrics and in the elements of ornaments,” she added.