Hikmat Hajiyev: If attacks against Azerbaijan from Armenian territory not stopped, we will destroy military targets


(Baku – AZERTAG) – We warn the Armenian side that if attacks against Azerbaijan from the Armenian territory are not stopped, adequate measures will be taken against the legitimate military targets which carry out firing, said Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev said.

“The armed forces of Armenia continue to fire on residential settlements of Azerbaijan using heavy artillery and other large-caliber weapons,” Hajiyev said.

The Presidential Assistant noted that as a result of deliberate and targeted artillery shelling of settlements by the Armenian armed forces, 17 civilians including 2 children were killed, 51 people were injured. Public and private properties are also damaged.

“Armenia, by its acts, shows that it is a country far from the civilized values which once again commits heinous attacks against civilians and children. Targeting or deliberately killing of civilians during military operations is considered a war crime. Armenia and its political leadership bears responsibility for this,” he mentioned.

“As another act of aggression against our country, the territory of Azerbaijan has today come under rocket fire from the direction of Gorus region of Armenia. This is already the second attack against Azerbaijan from the territory of Armenia. The first attack was carried out from Vardenis region of Armenia. As a result of missile strike nearly 20 houses were damaged in the newly built IDP village in Jojug Marjanli,” Hikmat Hajiyev added.