EU leaders agree on Brexit delay until October, diplomats say

An anti-Brexit demonstrator waves EU, Union and Welsh flags opposite the Houses of Parliament in London on March 19, 2018. (Reuters Archive)

EU leaders agreed on Thursday to delay Brexit until the end of October, with a review in June, diplomatic sources told Reuters.

Most of the 27 European leaders had gathered in Brussels for Brexit crisis talks, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, backed a plan for Brexit to be postponed for up to a year.

After UK PM Theresa May made her case for an extension until June 30, she left the other 27 EU leaders to ponder Britain’s fate over a three-course dinner at the EU Council headquarters.

Without a postponement, Britain was due to end its 46-year membership of the European Union at midnight (2200 GMT) on Friday with no deal, risking economic chaos on both sides of the Channel.

May agreed a divorce deal with the EU last November but MPs in London have rejected it three times, forcing her to turn to the main opposition Labour party in a bid to find a way through.