Brexit plans to center Queen’s parliament speech


British government said on Sunday that measures to help the country prosper in the post-Brexit era are set to be laid out in the Queen’s Speech in the parliament.

The government said the Queen’s Speech on Monday will outline 22 bills including some measures to allow Britain to “seize the opportunities that Brexit presents,” according to local media.

British media reported that plans to end the free movement of European Union (EU) citizens into Britain and provide faster access to medicines will also be unveiled.

The Queen’s Speech, which will be delivered during the State Opening of Parliament and is expected for the government to highlight its priorities, comes as Britain and the EU are rushing against the clock to lock down a Brexit deal ahead of the coming key EU summit.

Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on Oct. 31, and the European leaders’ summit starting on Thursday is seen as the last chance to agree any deal before that deadline.