Azerbaijan starts first stage of large-scale military drills


BAKU,   (Xinhua) — The first stage of the large-scale military drills kicked off in Azerbaijan Saturday, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The Azerbaijani armed forces examined the system of combat readiness of the army, conducted movement of military concentrations to the starting positions and deployment of field control points.

In accordance with the plan of drills, the participants of military exercises implemented redeployment of command and control centers and troops, which were placed on a state of alert, to the areas of operational purpose.

They also redeployed combat aircraft to alternate airports and moved units of missile troops and artillery on the temporary fire and starting positions.

Air Force facilities provided security for the movement of military equipment.

The exercises involving up to 60,000 personnel, 50 aircraft and helicopters, over 150 tanks and armored vehicles, alongside 700 systems of missile and artillery troops, were carried out according to the plan approved by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, in order to verify the command and control systems and weapons.

The Azerbaijani armed forces are considered the most modern in the Caucasus region, consisting of Air Force and Air Defense Forces, the Navy, and the Army.

The country’s armed forces regularly conduct military exercises to improve the skills of military personnel.