2018 Int’l Cultural Angel Arts Festival held in Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES, (Xinhua) — The 2018 International Cultural Angel Arts Festival was held in Los Angeles, children from China, the United States, and Mexico performed a gala show to celebrate the event on Sunday night.

The Win-Win International Youth Culture and Arts Development Association, the host of the event, has been organizing various types of Sino-American youth cultural exchange programs, incorporating artistic and cultural elements to create mutual respect and understanding among its participants.

“This is the third year for us to organize the event, this year we have over 150 participants from China, the United States, and Mexico,” said Susan Zhou from the association.

Hundreds of children and teenagers and their families gathered at Rosemead High School, Los Angeles, and enjoyed performances such as dancing, Chinese martial arts, and Peking Opera.

“I feel that the event here is very inspirational for a lot of kids, and I think it’s a good educational program for them to get excited about doing something for their future,” said one audience named Jerry.

The event also provides a chance for children and teenagers to enhance cross-cultural understanding and develop their talent on stage.

“I’m really nervous, I’m not used to be in front of crowds, but I’m really happy about it too because it helps me open up,” said Alexis Guarez, who performed dancing at the show.

There are also many children who showed their musical talent by playing piano, cucurbit flute and horse head string.

Zhou Ciyin, a 17-year-old girl who has been playing violin for 13 years, said that participating in the event helps to improve her skills as well as enrich knowledge of different cultures.

Editor: Lu Hui